Welcome to Saint Paul's School

"Within man is all knowledge. What it needs is awakening"

Saint Paul’s School humbly dedicates itself to this act of awakening. Saint Paul’s School (SPS) is an English Medium Institution belonging to the Registered Society. The school was established in the year 1999.

The school is open to all irrespective of religion, caste, creed and community. The name of the school ‘Saint Paul’ is derived from a famous disciple of Jesus Christ. The name itself is a model for our children to build up Godly character with due emphasis on the development of the commendable human qualities upheld by the venerable saint.

Saint Paul’s School recognizes that a pleasant, safe school environment supports student well being and promotes successful student education. Our buildings and amenities have continued to expand as a result of a large range of subjects being offered to our students.

Saint Paul’s School is located on over five acres of established gardens and surrounds that are maintained on a daily basis.

Saint Paul's School, Jalpaiguri

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Our Aim

Saint Paul’s School has been playing a crucial role in making the school an abode where the child can enjoy the facets of life and rhythm of living .Through all our activities, we aim at inspiring the child to assimilate constructive thinking so that vivacity and virtue co-exist in the storehouse of the mind of the child and hence build up a good personality. Academic excellence is not the only criterion of true education but development of a disciplined body and mind towards “serve the humanity” (our school motto) is what that is nurtured in this institution. The child is stimulated to develop curiosity and interest which in turn lead him towards experimentation, creativity and innovation. More than just acquiring knowledge the child must grow in manifestation of wisdom.

Thus, we believe that by imbibing all these attributes of life through our overall teaching –learning program, we shall be able to promote an all-round development of the child so that the child can grow up to be a good and acceptable citizen of the nation.